Vulgar Refund of Proverbial Shock - Public Different
French independent record label
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Vulgar Refund of Proverbial Shock

Vulgar Refund Of The Proverbial Shock is a peculiar new electropop “dance” formation.

Mr.George and Mr.Martin are both the driving force of this, crunchy, symphonic, brute and captivated soundscapes, with rhythms that fly apart. Thickened with ruff vocals Public Different has signed a winner here.

For the debut album “aka” it’s definitely a striking start.  The single “Addiction” has proven to make even the most portentous get up and dance.

Regardless if you are already an adept of if you are just discovering the band now you’re in for a real treat.

You have “Order to Dance” !


December 28, 2015