Little Known - Public Different
French independent record label
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Little Known

LittleKnown is a LA indie/pop collective.

As a song composer, LittleKnown has proven herself quite adept at pushing emotional buttons with inner sense of melody, encyclopedic knowledge of music ranging and creative production techniques. In 2013 LittleKnown decided it was time to write some music, and influenced by Kate Bush it penned a collection of songs widely exploring the idea of loneliness and self-exploration, heart-tearing beauty lost in imperfection of the existing world of privilege. With the outline of these songs in hand, LittleKnown pulled in a tightly knit group of friends to produce the debut album “Love is Invisible”, a sophisticatedly crafted and gracefully orchestrated icy disco warmed by captivating voice and thoughtful bittersweet lyrics.

“Love is Invisible” is a marriage of sound, taste, mind and style that was built with a clutch of character-rich vocal experiments, hyper-synths, and honey-polished pop major sound.

LittleKnown’s sparkling album of pure beauty will release soon on Public Different. A video for the album’s first single “Love is invisible” is in the works.


December 4, 2015