Our story - Public Different
French independent record label
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Public Different exemplify the core ethos of independent music culture: finding great acts first, helping them produce quality records, and nurturing them towards sustainable careers.

Public Different is like a happy home, turning a platoon of young, talented sound manipulators into fully developed artists of professionalism and confidence. We have a knack for finding promising bands and quickly developing them into artists with mass appeal.

There is something that could be interpellant about Public Different, it’s his geographical disposition. But the positioning is clear, it’s not a local label, we sign bands from all over the world. In spite the fact that Public Different  has prospered by in large part by French sounds all over the world, don’t be surprised if the label’s artist could be from NYC or Moscow so long as they’re putting out a vibe.

The label pays high attention that the artist becomes something more than just an iTunes nameless mp3.

So keep an eye on Public Different to see how deep own grooves can get, even if the roster doesn’t immediately suite with your tastes, it’s for sure an essential label.